July 15, 2024 – PerGenova Breakwater Consortium soon to lay third caisson

In the Vado Ligure construction sites works continue non-stop to build the New Genoa breakwater, with the laying of third caisson to be placed on seabed off the city of Genoa, expected by the end of July. Creating a caisson is a complex procedure, which n this phase, requires, on average, 20 days. By end of year, a total of 12 caissons to be laid. A little over a year since works began, 6,000 submerged columns have been placed on the seabed and over 1.5 million tonnes of gravel have been laid.



WebuildImageGallery DigaGenova 2024 06 29 (2)WebuildImageGallery DigaGenova 2024 06 29 (2)

June 29, 2024: the second caisson was laid at 20 metres' dept.

At a 20-metre-depth, the seabed off the city of Genoa hosts, from today, the second caisson of the new Genoa breakwater, built by the Pergenova Breakwater consortium, led by Webuild. Just over a year since the first foundation stone was laid, the activities of the construction site of new breakwater continue non-stop on many fronts, with cutting-edge techniques and equipment, in terms of innovation and sustainability, for a very complex project from an engineering perspective.



img 960x540img 960x540

May 24, 2024: the first casson was laid at 25 metres' dept

In the maritime construction site of the new Genoa Breakwater, at 25 metres' depth, the first of the over 90 caissons that will compose the first 4 km of the overall 6 km of the work was laid.  Present at the event, the Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini, with the Italian Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Edoardo Rixi, the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority Paolo Piacenza, the acting president of the Liguria Region Alessandro Piana, the Mayor of Genoa and Extraordinary Commissioner for the Breakwater Marco Bucci, and Webuild CEO Pietro Salini.


20240206 Diga Foranea di Genova20240206 Diga Foranea di Genova

February 6, 2024: Works continues with the construction of more than 1320 submerged columns. Final unexploaded ordnance search phase to begin

Works proceed rapidly to build the new breakwater, with a new milestone during these days: that of laying 1 million tonnes of gravel along the seabed, offshore from Genoa, reaching 40% of the laying activities. A quantity that allowed building, since May 2023, more than 1,320 submerged gravel columns, concomitantly safeguarding the marine ecosystem. While at the same time, the activities to search for the underwater unexploded ordnances continue to advance, 70% of which have been in fact already completed.


Da Cartagena a GenovaDa Cartagena a Genova

December 1, 2023: Works started on the second block of columns of the project

Activities at the construction site of the new Genoa breakwater continue unabated. To date, more than 600,000 tons of gravel have already been laid on the seabed off the city. In the "Test Camp 1" area, the 862 gravel columns have been completed, and the installation activities of the geotechnical monitoring instrumentation are beginning.

diga foraneadiga foranea

September 21, 2023: construction works of the first 850 columns now in the final stages

The first 850 gravel columns will be completed according by the end of September. The construction of this first group of columns will close the works of the first test camp. As of today, approximately 370 tons of gravel have been laid on the seabed. By the end of September, works on the block of columns of the second test camp will also begin.


DigaGenova BonificaBellicaDigaGenova BonificaBellica

August 1, 2023: unexploded ordnances search works started

An underwater search for unexploded ordnances along the seabed in a hyberbaric environment has started, for the first time in Italy. The 8 divers, in turn, will live for 60 days inside the hyperbaric system to clear the seabed. Consolidation activities also continue on the seabed: as of today, 220 gravel columns have been built.

video 02.3video 02.3

July 17, 2023 - Construction of the columns to consolidate the seabed

A new important construction phase to consolidate the seabed is underway at the underwater construction site for the Genoa's new breakwater. The first gravel columns that will ensure stability of the base that will support the structure began to take shape in an area.


June 14-15, 2023 - Consolidation of the seabed of the New Genoa Breakwater

Works to lay the strata of gravel on the seabed and the consolidation operations continue, as per the time plan, in the New Genoa Breakwater construction sites. They will end in September 2024.